Dreamland Became Real for John Bishop

2/13/2020 by Rhonda Lash

One of the lesser-known moments from the Civil Rights movement includes a story about Dreamland Bar-B-Que, which originally opened as Hillside Café in 1958 in Tuscaloosa, Ala.

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Nicodemus, KS Role in Post-Civil War America

2/12/2020 by Tom Whooley

One of the lesser-known stories of the is Civil Rights movement took place in Nicodemus, KS, which was the first settlement of freed slaves west of the Mississippi.

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We Plan to Be ‘Braggin’ After Feb. 19 Blood Drive

2/11/2020 by Lindsay Van Zele

They probably should call it a bragging right game, because we definitely plan to earn the right to brag. Brag about bringing in the most blood donors among area banks, that is.

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Helping Others Drives Richard Lewis

2/6/2020 by Joshua Ishmael

As Loss Mitigation Assistant for the last six years, INB’s Richard Lewis worked with customers who truly needed his assistance – and it’s a role that motivated him every day.

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Celebrating Black History Month by Highlighting Lesser-Known Moments

2/5/2020 by Sarah Phalen

This year, INB is partnering with WCIA for its Caring Companies program to help promote celebrations and community events in the Champaign area. For Black History Month in February, WCIA will be sharing vignettes highlighting “Hidden History”: lesser-known moments or stories from the Civil Rights movement.

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