Tips for Great Website Content

7/8/2015 by Illinois National Bank

Marilyn Titone Schaefer
AVP, Communications Director

Ask a Realtor® to name the most important factors in determining property value, and you’ll likely hear “location, location, location.” Ask a digital marketer the same question, and you’ll hear three other repeated words: “content, content, content.”

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Your Reputation Matters (even more) Online

6/22/2015 by Illinois National Bank

By Eric Cook, MBA
Social Media Consultant
Featured at INB’s Executive Speaker Series April 2015

In the Socialnomics video that was part of our post about how the digital consumer is changing, one of the statistics stated that 90 percent of consumers trust the recommendations of peers online when making a purchase decision. If you think about it, this isn’t that surprising of a statistic, given that most of us would rather hear what others say about a particular product or service than pay attention to “formal advertising” in the buying process. But do you have any idea what your online reputation is (or how you can impact it for the better)?

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